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  • Low Impact Architecture

    • Charlie & Meg's
      Easily the most beautiful dwelling I have encountered
    • Simon Dale
      Best known 'Hobbit Home' builder ~ now in Lammas
    • Natural Homes
      Well laid out Gazeteer of many beautiful places
    • Cae Mabon
      Welsh Community with beautiful low impact buildings
    • That Roundhouse
      Tony Wrench - Small God of Reciprocal Roofs
  • Open Source Training & Technology

    • Current Events
      Courses & active builds with envisioneer and others
    • OpSrc Technology
      Infrastructure Creation - Free / Shared Tools, Expertise & Equipment
    • Cheap 3D Printers
      3D printers for plastic & metal components, solar panels, replacement organs etc.
    • Soil Library
      Massive library of rare & classic Wholistic Agriculture works from the last 100 years
    • GalGael
      Govan based initiative offering traditional boat building & related skills
    • Workaway
      Work & Learn in exchange for food, accommodation. 23 / two years to use
    • Helpx
      Work & Learn in exchange for food, accommodation. 20 / two years to use
    • WWOOF
      Some good ones but a lot of slave labour for commercial operations
  • Community Creation

    • Ralph Borsodi
      A man ahead of his time, born to a species too stupid to ever learn
    • Hubseed Model
      Grow our Own ecovillage series - Hubseed Model
    • Timestock Model
      Grow your Own ecovillage series - PDF manual with spreadsheet for planning
    • IPS Co-op Model
      IPS Co Ownership Model ~ Tories made this venerable method illegal in 2014
  • Modern Myths

    • Overcrowded Island
      Got to protect the disappearing countryside - right? Not according to the Office of National Statistics.
    • Overpopulation
      Better close the borders and round up the scroungers. Why else is your life so shit?
    • Who owns your planet?
      Too many people or too few owners?
    • Permaculture Mag
      Glossy feel-good band-aid for the terminally landless
  • Money or Less

  • Tools & Materials

    • Just like to point out I don't get paid for any of these.
      They're just the places I have found best to deal with.
    • Masons Mortar
      Great place for everything Lime related - Materials & Info
    • Stone Sources
      PDF - Directory of Mines & Quarries. Covers whole of UK
    • Cheap Rope
      Exactly what is says on the tin
    • Clay Plasters
      Lots of free infos as well as products
    • Wood Tools
      Huge range of hard to find tools at reasonable prices
    • Domelights
      Coach windows are great - these are for when you go upmarket
    • Pond Liners
      As big as you like - still the best unnatural material for sound roofing
  • Land Rights

    • Land Magazine
      The only honest periodical for Land Use, Access & UK Planning law
    • Chapter 7
      Wonderful activist site on UK Land Rights
    • BEarthright
      Roots Revolution - my very first web site back in 1995.
    • Monopoly
      The true origins of this famous board game.
    • Who owns Scotland
      Andy Wightman's great site with data per county.
    • Who owns Britain
      Hard to find detailed data per county.
    • Who owns the World
      Examines land ownership across the globe, the first such survey ever attempted.
  • Community

    • Diggers & Dreamers
      UK Directory of Sustainable Communities
    • Lammas
      UK's only legal low-impact ecovillage in Pembrokeshire
    • Yorkley Court
      Sustainable Agriculture in the Forest of Dean
    • Doon O'May
      Forest Healing Project SW Scotland
    • G E N
      Global Ecovillage Network - directory of European communities
    • L I L I
      Low Impact Living Iniative ~ forum for advice
  • Prefabricated Shelter

    • Log Cabins
      Modular Low-Impact Log Cabins produced from locally grown timber. Radical!
    • Wendy's Yurts
      Edinburgh based Yurt making Co-operative.
  • Permaculture

  • Landbase

  • Really Alternative Enery

    • Erwin's Workshop
      Never mind the sermons - this guy's pages are a goldmine of practical plans & advice
    • Mobile Phone 1897
      Original Mobile Telephone 1897! Quite possibly the worst website design ever.
    • Earth Batteries
      Low voltage supply straight from the ground
    • Patrick Lindemann
      Dedicated to clarifying exactly what free energy is, how it works and how you can use it
    • Free Energy University
      Masses of patents, construction plans, photos etc.
    • Schoolgirl Motor
      Proof of Concept - science fair winner built by a 10 year old.
    • Tom Bearden
      The actual physics without defying the 2nd law of thermodynamics
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    • Goat Boy
      Notify site owner of any non-working links in above lists - Thanks!

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