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Having built this house with the aim of encouraging others to do likewise, I am now heavily involved with a group encouraging others to move on the next stage.

Hartwood is a Community Land Trust seeking to heal and enrich every dimension of life. Discovering and teaching the evolution of sustainable, ethical practice, restoring justice. To create networks of low-impact, food and energy resilient, self-governing eco-ark communities. To be guardians of sanctuary for all living things, re-energising our despoiled and depopulated rural areas. Rebuild, re-connect and release our true potential.

The dream expressed here is a widely held one, but not a widely achievable one. Sooner or later, you will have to face the fact that the planning system is operating to keep people disconnected from the land, helplessly dependent on consumption and employment to live, and guaranteeing extortionate black market prices for housing land (i.e. authorised for 'development'), primarily as security for billions in loans underpinning our fraudulent banking system.

Property is the new gold standard for giving the illusion of solidity to the biggest ponzi scheme of all - fractional reserve banking i.e. 0-10% real money, 90-100% totally imaginary, but still you have to pay it ALL back or suffer the consequences. Our very own Fairy Gold. Cunning eh?

98.3% of the UK is still unbuilt land. 93% is still owned by the richest 4.27% of the population (67% by the top 0.3%), so few still allowed powerful control over every opportunity for the rest of us. Feudalism never died, it just evolved.

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